13th Place at Dreamhack Atlanta 2018 Halo Championship Series

by Joseph Anderson | November 19, 2018

Nemesis Halo came into Dreamhack as the #1 seeded Open Bracket team. Although they had enough pro points for Pool Play, HCS rules state that all players must be from the same region/country and our team boasted two pro players from the US and two from Mexico. After making Pool Play from Open Bracket, our team finished 13th-16th after a heartbreaking 3-2 loss against Anaheim Pirates. All teams that we lost to during the event placed in the Top 6, making the defeat that much more devastating.


Open Bracket

Nemesis vs. Strange Brew (W 3-0)

Nemesis vs. Desitic Gaming (W 3-0)

Nemesis vs. Reign (W 3-0)


Pool Play

Nemesis vs. TOX Gaming           (L 1-3)  TOX Finished 1st 

Nemesis vs. Excelerate Gaming  (L 1-3) Excelerate finished 5th/6th

Nemesis vs. Mockit                   (W 3-0)


Loser's Bracket

Nemesis vs. Anaheim Pirates     (L 2-3) Anaheim Pirates finished 5th/6th

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