Nemesis Esports on the verge of an iconic feat

Nemesis Esports on the verge of an iconic feat

With the ecosystem of esports constantly evolving and franchising looming over major titles like Call of Duty, the future of small esports organizations could be in jeopardy.

In an effort to adapt to the influx of major corporations and millionaire investors entering the space, the ownership group at Nemesis has decided to create a so-called "Super Org" to combat some of the top brands in esports.

After vetting several owners of other same-size organizations, Nemesis is merging those organizations under the Nemesis banner to provide additional resources and funding to house some of the top tier talent across esports.

We asked Mazakur (the founder and an owner of Nemesis) the following questions:

Why is this a good move for Nemesis and the other organizations involved?

Maz: As we know, esports is constantly changing. We tend to see the same brands or organizations in most major titles. Furthermore, many of these titles are going to enter franchising in the future so we are on borrowed time unless we become a household name before that happens. Instead of competing with one another in the same space, we could be combining our efforts and investments to work towards the same goal for one brand. This would allow us to grow exponentially and provide us with the marketability needed to take us to the next level. It's a tough ask for anyone to essentially give up their baby (organization) to look at the bigger picture, but we believe that we have the right minds to see this venture through.

 Aren't you worried about the different personalities types clashing?

Maz: There is always the possibility with any business venture of people not seeing eye to eye. Through our vetting process we made sure to only consider individuals that were insightful, open-minded, and with a more calculated/methodical approach to problem resolution. There were definitely some more aggressive types that didn't quite make the cut. 

With the fiasco that was/is Infinite and Optic Gaming, what made you want to offer up some of your ownership power?

Maz: At the end of the day, nobody can do everything on their own. It takes a village to raise a baby and it takes even more to run a successful business. To get where you want to go you have to take risks and depend on others. Sometimes you can feel like you are making the right decisions until others show you the fault in your strategy. By having multiple minds and perspectives weighing in on every decision, you generally can come to the best result by majority. For example, one of us could be very biased towards a particular title or team and if we had the sole power to make the decision we might make the wrong decision for the business.

What is your vision for Nemesis going forward?

Maz: While I can't spill all the tea, we plan to double down on our existing teams, staff, and members to add more of a sense of community and family. We have been focused on growth and now it's time to slow things down and go back to the basics. There are opportunities within what we are already doing that we can grow upon and do better before we start looking in other directions.

Surely you have other plans you can share, right?

Maz: I can say that we want to make a bigger splash in esports and content creation. There are games that we have yet to explore and we have some media such as podcasts and shows that we want to introduce to our fanbase this Summer.

Which organizations are merging into Nemesis, and how did that come about?

Maz: While I can't say all of them until they are finalized, two of the organizations involved in the merger are A1M and Static Vision. When CWL team passes went on sale for Ft. Worth, we had a top seeded team left without a team pass when we were unable to secure one due to website errors and the passes being sold out instantly. The owner of A1M offered up their additional team pass for us to use for the event and we started casually speaking about esports and the conversation evolved into joining forces. From there, I started vetting additional owners to see if they would share the same vision.

What is your favorite competitive game to watch?

Maz: Okay look...I have been involved in Call of Duty for a very long time and so I can't really say anything but Call of Duty as my first choice. With that being said though, I generally love esports and competition and I do spend a lot of time watching our teams compete and scrimmage.

At what point would you consider Nemesis a successful brand?

Maz: Oooh. That is a tough one. I guess if I was being vague I would say to be a household name. To go beyond that I would have to say that having our merch available at local shops would be super sick and having TV commercials or being on ESPN would really reinforce that we have made it. I actually would like to see us be big enough to where maybe we venture outside of esports and into traditional sports as well. Perhaps have professional poker players, MMA fighters, etc representing the brand.