Nemesis CSGO Places 3rd at the WESG/WorldGaming US Finals

by Joseph Anderson | November 25, 2018

Nemesis Fe came into the World Gaming/WESG Finals as a major underdog against a stacked Star Spangled Fraggers which were 3/5 of the famed starting Dignitas female roster led by 4x World Champion Emmuhleet.

Nemesis shocked the audience and the casting booth by winning the first map. Star Spangled Fraggers answered back with a map win to push the matchup to a final map.

After a red hot start by Nemesis Fe and going up 14-7, a break was called by Star Spangled Fraggers. After the break, a change in momentum occured and Nemesis was shut out the rest of the way to lose 14-16 to the veteran team.

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