About Nemesis


Who We Are 

Nemesis Media is an esports organization dedicated to producing high quality esports/gaming content & entertainment as well as connecting teams and players with heavily vetted brands. 

We utilize our three partnered Twitch teams to help influencers, pro, and semi-pro esports players build their personal brands alongside us. Nemesis provides unique content on Twitch, YouTube, and social media that help showcase the talent that we have across a variety of platforms so that they might unlock opportunities with potential sponsors, brands, and organizations.

Our main goal is to propel influencers and players into their own stardom while providing a safe and healthy environment for them to grow. We also strive to be a household name in esports with competitive talent across various genres.

We are your biggest rivals, We are your biggest fear,






  • Joseph Anderson

    OWNER / Chief Executive Officer

    Joseph "Mazakur" Anderson started out as a competitor in the FPS genre from 2003-2010 and teamed with a current Call of Duty World Champion before switching to the business side of esports. He has experience in community management, talent acquisition, marketing, coaching, scouting, and as an esports consultant. Outside of esports, he spent the last two years as the Head of Support for a multi-million dollar tech startup.

  • Murphy Pinstill

    Owner / Chief Operating Officer

    Murphy "Instill" Pinstill started out as a competitor in Halo from 2007-2013. He returned in 2016 for the Halo World Championships under Legion Esports and played against world renowned Optic Gaming. Since then, Instill has earned the distinction of Twitch Partner and cultivated his experience as a life coach, marketer, and manager. Outside of esports, Murphy has been a professional fighter with bouts in both MMA and boxing since 2010.

  • Larry San Miguel

    Director of Content

    Larry was a US Submariner from 2012-2018. He started gaming in 1989 speed running Contra on NES. He got his competitive start in fighting games in 2000 with Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, and followed that up with FPS in Quake 3 Arena. DRCsyntax became a content creator at the end of 2017 with Youtube Motovlogs, and became a Twitch streamer in November of 2017.

  • Rachel Olsen

    Operations Manager

    Rachel started her gaming career at a ripe old age of 5 with her first Nintendo Entertainment System. She's always had a passion for talking and entertaining, which she combined in to 10 years in both college and commercial radio. She decided to combine the two loves by joining Twitch in 2015, but really finding a true passion for streaming and esports in January of 2018. Since then, Rachel has been the discord manager for Twitch Pittsburgh, an official Twitch community meetup group, as well as Vice President of the Pittsburgh Lan Coalition (PittCo), Pittsburgh's premier LAN party group that has hosted lan events for as many as 150 people. Outside of gaming, she's been a retail manager for the last 10 years for a variety of electronics and specialty retailers.

  • Ubaldo Ramos

    Ubaldo has made gaming a central point in his life. From his 10 year venture into Super Smash Bros Melee as a competitive player, to his ventures into competitive Cod. His passion for gaming has led him into the field of Computer Science as he works toward being a Software Engineer. His content creator career is a central point of his goals moving forward alongside the growth of Nemesisgg.