Affiliate Guidelines

Welcome and congratulations on becoming an Affiliate Streamer of Nemesis!

We are pleased to share this info with you about what we ask of our streamers & what we give back.

Any questions that you have after completing the document can be directed to a member of the onboarding and management team.

Affiliate Team Requirements

Please bookmark this webpage and complete ALL of these tasks to remain in compliance

  • Current Twitch Affiliate status
  • Maintain 50 hours per month streamed to your channel in the past 30 days or at least 150 in the past 90 days.
  • Be actively involved with the Nemesis community. Frequently visit other member's streams, and actively participate in our Nemesis Discord server (
  • Leadership and Teamwork skills.
  • A positive image that we could represent alongside our organization.
  • A signature style of your own.
  • Community engagement through Twitter and Discord.
  • A supportive & humble mindset.
  • Active
  • Add Community Member for @NemesisGG in your Twitter bio ( MANDATORY )
  • Retweeting and commenting on other Nemesis community members Tweets or creating unique Tweets that promote other members.

After Acceptance

  • Set your Primary Twitch Team to “NemesisGG” > Accept Team Invite

  • Turn on Autohost & Team Autohost for the Nemesis Twitch Team after accepting the Team Invite

  • Join Nemesis Discord & get your affiliate streamer role

  • Follow the Nemesis Twitter account (@NemesisGG) ( Mandatory ) Stay active by commenting / liking our Tweets
  • STAY ACTIVE with the Nemesis community on Discord, Twitter & in Streams

Notify management if you will be inactive for a period of time.

  • Post on Twitter when you go LIVE on Twitch and tag @NemesisGG in your Tweets
  • Stream to our Partnered Team Twitch Channel occasionally  as well as participate in Team Events on the Channel when asked
  • Advertise Nemesis & Sponsors on the following platforms:

- Twitter please list the following in your bio “Streamer for @NemesisGG

- Twitch (Add our Official Logo  & Link to our Website in your Twitch panels)

  • Stay involved with the Nemesis community on Discord and in streams
  • You are encouraged to shout out your teammates & support each other on Twitch / Twitter.
    • We all support each other here, everyone promotes everyone.
    • Please try to host/raid other team members consistently when you have finished your livestream
    • (You can always still host other streamers out of the team, but priority should be on the team members)
  • Represent Nemesis in a positive and professional manner as you are representing Nemesis and it’s team and community

Notify management if you will be inactive

(If requirements are not met, you may be subjected to being released from the Org)

Affiliate Team Rules

What we expect


  •  Do not disparage anyone based on gender, race, ethnicity, or sexuality.
  •  Do not impose drama inside or out of Nemesis
  •  Nemesis Panel on twitch channel
  •  Active on both twitter and discord
  •  Team autohost required for all members
  •  Stay active in Nemesis Discord
  •  We require your main Twitch Team to be set to Nemesis
  •  You are welcome to post your now live stream advertisements in discord. Use Discord and Twitter for networking and getting to know your team!
  •  Zero tolerance on botting (To make this clear you are removed and reported to twitch)
  •  No harassment of any kind towards any streamer
  •  Be wary of the sensitivities of your fellow streamers
  •  Know the difference between light trolling and online bullying and harassment
  •  Follow Twitch/Twitter TOS
  •  Respect team members and management
  •  Follow official team members And management
  •  Practice Twitch Etiquette (Read streamers rules, Don’t call out lurkers, Respect the streamers/mods, Don’t announce your leaving to go and stream yourself)  
  •  No political, religious, or sports talk in chats
  •  Soft blocking or hard blocking other Nemesis members may result in removal from the Organization.
  •  No racism or sexism whatsoever
  •  No sexual harassment or regular harassment to Nemesis members or non-members

Affiliate Team Perks

What we offer


  • Added to the Partnered Twitch Team “NemesisGG”
  • Social media advertising & in-network promotions to help improve your reach/engagement ( Exposure )
  • Opportunity to stream to our Partnered Twitch Channel for discovery & growth
  • Free Twitch Overlays, Designs, & revamps when available
  • Gear from our sponsors and partners when available
  • Official customized jersey or gear for offline events and competition, when eligible
  • Team / Individual Tweets as well as Discord advertisement
  • YouTube Highlights / Instagram Spotlight when elegible as well as other social ways of improving reach
  • Giveaways in your channel when available
  • Exposure for your brand to our fans and community
  • Support internally as well as externally by your teammates and peers
  • Occasional Gear, Care packages & Apparel as rewards for activity
  • Networking Opportunities within the Organization and our partners

Below you can find a number of assets for you to use:

You can alot of your Nemesis Stream Graphics HERE:

Nemesis Logo & Graphic Packages :
Click Here To Download EVERYTHING: